User Experience Design, BFA

Professor instructing user experience course.

Because of a growing dependence on technology and digital design, the career opportunities for media designers are ever-expanding, including interactive multimedia, web design, 3-D modeling, animation, motion graphics, audio, video, and imaging. 

The foundation of Media Design is in creative problem solving and a process that is thoroughly researched and extremely rewarding. In working with your professors to develop new worlds, this skill will take you on to working in videogame design, animated movies, or even UI/UX design. Be on the battlefront for our society’s next big thing and embark on a journey to understand and build the future of the screen.

Program Offerings
Bachelor of Fine Art in User Experience Design

Student work


The design world is fast changing and innovative field! Through classes that explore a variety of techniques and dig deeper into motion and user experience, students are prepared to keep up with the industry and move into careers such as: 


Video Game Artist
3D Modeler
Video Editor

UI/UX Designer
App/Web Designer
Motion Graphics Artist


Along with amazing facilities to help foster your growth as an emerging designer, we also provide access to AIGA, the Professional Association of Design. AIGA is the oldest governing body of professional design standards in America. Our intensely active student group prepares professional studio visits, workshops, travel experiences, and professional networking opportunities. Visit the AIGA website to learn more, and follow us on Facebook!

Lastly, to be fully prepared we recommend and help place our students into both service oriented and professional internships. These typically take place during the Junior and Senior year! Take a look here to learn more!

We want to learn more about you and your desire to become an amazing designer. Our faculty are here to meet with you and help direct your learning and studio practice to become aligned with your deepest passions and calling. To learn more about us feel free to reach out to any of our amazing faculty!

Luke Anspach,  BS

Luke Anspach, BS

Carl Rudy,  MFA

Carl Rudy, MFA

Herb Vincent Peterson,  MFA

Herb Vincent Peterson, MFA

Wendy Puffer,  MFA

Wendy Puffer, MFA