It’s not just about putting ink on paper or making a cool poster. It’s about what that ink smells like, what that paper or cloth or canvas or wood or metal or stone feels like, what their marriage sounds like. It’s about the puzzle of making one become many and pushing yourself to do more along the way. 

Through processes like woodcut, engraving, intaglio, stone, metal plate lithography and many more our printmaking programming will allow you to access a whole new realm of possibilities. Discover more and choose to embody the medium that made all others known.

Program Offerings
Bachelor of Art in Studio Art
Concentration in Printmaking
Minor in Printmaking

Student work


A major in studio art with a concentration on printmaking will prepare you to begin a practice where you use your skills in careers such as:


Master Printer
Screen Printer
Exhibiting Artist

Pre-press Designer
Print Prototype Technician
Freelance Printmaking


In our facilities, students have access to using a personal studio space to help cultivate your talents and propel you on a path to success. We have had students hold internships with professional artists and galleries to gain valuable professional experience.

We want to learn more about you and your desire to become an amazing printmaker. Our faculty are here to meet with you and help direct your learning and practice to become aligned with your deepest passions and calling. To learn more about us feel free to reach out to any of our amazing faculty! 

Rod Crossman,  MFA

Rod Crossman, MFA

Jolynn Reigeluth,  MFA

Jolynn Reigeluth, MFA