Photography is both a language and skill. In the Photo program at IWU, we  value empathy, innovative solution-making, and joy — we believe these values translate to one-of-a-kind, high-quality work completed with enthusiasm and pride.

Our program teaches students to see -- producing images through invaluable studio experience rooted in a wide range of industry-standard professional approaches and traditional photographic processes. With the state-of-the-art equipment available to us: film darkrooms, lighting studios, commercial printing, film processing and alternative process equipment, we are prepared for any job in the commercial and fine art fields.

Program Offerings
Bachelor of Art in Photography
Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography
Minor in Photography

Student Work


Through extensive classes on varying types of photography and the ability to develop off your own styles as well as the ability to use our facilities for both film and digital photography you will be prepared to take on a career as a:


Freelance Commercial
Portrait Photographer
Fashion Photographer
Director of Photography
Creative Director

Fine Arts

… or a career that doesn’t exist yet!


With the access to fully-furnished lighting studios, two darkrooms for processing and two for printing film, a digital lab for scanning and post-processing images, and experienced photography professors, the ability to excel is before you. We encourage students to use the skills they learn for freelance work even as the finish up their degree. This allows students to leave with experience under their belt and confidence that they can excel.


We want to learn more about you and your desire to become an skilled photographer. Our faculty are here to meet with you and help direct your learning and practice to become aligned with your deepest passions and calling. To learn more about us feel free to reach out to any of our amazing faculty!

Jer Nelsen,  MFA

Jer Nelsen, MFA

Andrew Kondrat , Beard Facilities Manager

Andrew Kondrat, Beard Facilities Manager