The Division of Art + Design’s very own full functioning and student led in-house design studio.

Operating during both fall and spring semesters, the Foundry offers paid positions and internship opportunities for Junior and Senior students in design, photography, illustration, and others with the desire to work as a team in a design office/studio environment. With a wide variety projects for the division, students are able to make their work come to life and meaningfully impact the IWU community and beyond. 

The Studio


The Foundry is located on the 2nd Floor of Beard Arts Center (Room 223) and operates at various hours during the building’s open hours. When the team is at work please feel free to stop in. You can contact the Foundry at:

The Foundry
Beard Arts Center
4201 South Washington Street


Spring 2019 Foundry Designers

Sophia Hawkins,   Art Director

Sophia Hawkins, Art Director

Ben Tadevich,   Junior Designer

Ben Tadevich, Junior Designer

Hannah Deffendall,   Junior Designer

Hannah Deffendall, Junior Designer

Sara Maley,   Associate Designer

Sara Maley, Associate Designer


Division of Art + Design Brand and Assets

The Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Art + Design is a unique creative family who strives to offer more than a traditional college experience. Eager to enliven cultures,we move to co-create with an authenticity that fosters a compelling love for all people. Committed to our passion and love for students, we are a focused body of zealous creators that actively seek what is best for our students. Our desire is to instill a lasting confidence in our students and exhort them in their intrinsic potential to do great things.

Below you will find Links to our Brand Materials please use Responsibly within the Divisional standards provided and in accordance with the IWU Brand standards.

Division of Art + Design Brand Guidelines (PDF)
Division of Art + Design Identity Standards (PDF)
Division of Art + Design Color Palettes
Division of Art + Design Typography
Division of Art + Design Identity (Logotypes)
Division of Art + Design Letterhead and Envelope
Division of Art + Design Digital Display Slide
Indiana Wesleyan University Brand Materials


Submit a job ticket

Design Projects are taken in order one at a time, placed within a 2-week calendar for completion, and accepted by all current faculty and staff of the Division of Art + Design only. Complicated and research heavy process-oriented projects will demand more time and a custom defined calendar. Once your job ticket is submitted, you will receive a followup email with details outlining our calendar and process, project coordinator/designer, and when to expect final delivery. Please fill out the online form below:

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Deadline for Project
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Please describe your project and provide any special information including target audience and quantity if necessary. Please share any files, images, copy, or assets to complete your project via google, dropbox, or one drive as a link to download.
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