Maybe you have a few more questions?

Making the choice to study art and design is a major life decision and we are here to help guide you and help you to make a well educated decision. While below you’ll find many of the common questions we are asked, please feel free to reach out should you have more questions that we haven’t addressed here on the page!

Contact Amanda Dyer here with more questions!

So... will I be able to find a job?

In today’s world, the art market is constantly growing and jobs are always available. Whether it be in design, animation, media or fine arts, you will graduate with many opportunities awaiting you. Our faculty will help assist you during your time here to best prepare you for the art world after graduation and will assist you in expanding your talents to find the best fitting occupation for yourself. In addition to their major art and design courses, students will also learn practical skill during their time at IWU in order to help them best prepare for life after graduation.

Do I have to submit a portfolio to be admitted to any major in the Division of Art + Design?

Portfolios are not required for the Division of Art + Design programs of study. Students are accepted into the art major on a conditional basis until successfully completing the mid-point review. During the sophomore year of study, students will go through a mid-point review for their respective major in order to continue in the major and register for upper level courses.

Are study abroad opportunities available?

Yes. This May we have a two-week long design trip to Germany. The Global Engagement Office also has a number of other study abroad opportunities related to other fields of study.


Do you offer any art scholarships?

Yes, we offer art scholarships that require a digital portfolio for consideration. Applications are available through the Art Office or can be sent to you through e-mail. The IWU Financial Aid Office could also assist you with other scholarship opportunities outside the division.

Am I required to have a computer? What software will I need?

The Beard Art Center has one dedicated computer lab open for student use during building hours and two additional teaching computer labs that can be used during open hours. Laptops are not officially required, but are highly recommended. Some majors may have more of a necessity for laptops than others, but all students could benefit from having their own laptop. The Mac Lab provides Adobe Creative Cloud on every computer, as it is used for the majority of the majors offered, but it is also recommended to purchase it for your own laptop. Additional software is specific to each major and changes based on industry standards.

Are there class fees associated with the art courses?

All art studio classes that use supplies and/or University-provided equipment have a $75.00 lab fee per class. These fees do not necessarily cover all the costs for student art materials or personal tools. It is up to the professor to determine the use of this fee. For most studio classes, the fee is used to cover a good portion of the supplies needed for the class, but may still required additional purchases. Design classes often allocate this to “print credits” for use of printing in the Mac Lab. Lecture classes that include art history and art theory courses do not have this additional fee.