With highly trained and experienced professional artists, designers, and historians, our staff and faculty have been lead to the Division of Art + Design to serve the next generation of creative makers, leaders, and world changers.


Amanda Dyer,   Division Secretary

Amanda Dyer, Division Secretary

Andrew Kondrat,   Beard Facilities Manager

Andrew Kondrat, Beard Facilities Manager



Luke Anspach,  BS, LSCC

Luke Anspach, BS, LSCC

Jackie Carpenter,  BA

Jackie Carpenter, BA

Michelle Doyle,  MArch

Michelle Doyle, MArch

Daniel Hall,  MA

Daniel Hall, MA

Debbie Luttrull,  BS

Debbie Luttrull, BS

Jer Nelsen,  MFA

Jer Nelsen, MFA

Eric Reaves,  BS

Eric Reaves, BS

Carl Rudy,  MFA

Carl Rudy, MFA

Lesley Barton,  MA; ATR; CCLS; DT

Lesley Barton, MA; ATR; CCLS; DT

Will Carpenter,  MFA

Will Carpenter, MFA

Wil Foster,  BA

Wil Foster, BA

Jenne Logsdon,  BA

Jenne Logsdon, BA

Ron Mazellan,  MFA

Ron Mazellan, MFA

Herb Vincent Peterson,  MFA

Herb Vincent Peterson, MFA

Jolynn Reigeluth,  MFA

Jolynn Reigeluth, MFA

Henrik Soderstrom,  MFA

Henrik Soderstrom, MFA

Bruce Campbell,  BA

Bruce Campbell, BA

Rod Crossman,  MFA

Rod Crossman, MFA

Anne Greeley,  DPhil (Oxon)

Anne Greeley, DPhil (Oxon)

Keith Lowe,  BS

Keith Lowe, BS

Craig Moore,  MA

Craig Moore, MA

Wendy Puffer,  MFA

Wendy Puffer, MFA

Nick Roudebush,  MFA

Nick Roudebush, MFA

Dallas Walters,  MFA (Retired)

Dallas Walters, MFA (Retired)


Rob Curfman,  MFA

Rob Curfman, MFA

Ardelia Williams,  BA

Ardelia Williams, BA