Our ceramics program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skill to build a diverse and professional portfolio. As a student in the ceramics program, you will experiment with the design of form, function and aesthetics as well as gain valuable experience with glaze chemistry and different firing techniques. 

Our ceramic studios are professionally equipped with a clay mixing room, a glaze mixing room, 15 Brent Wheels, 2 Skutt Electric kilns, a Bailey Gas Reduction kiln, and a Soda Kiln. The most recent addition to the program is our new Manabigama Wood Kiln. This program gives you the tools and skills necessary to build beautiful creations that reflect your personal style.

Program Offerings
Bachelor of Art in Studio Art
Concentration in Ceramics
Minor in Ceramics

Student work


With a major in studio arts with a focus on ceramics you will be prepared to begin to take your craft into jobs or move forward to beginning your own artistic practice in fields such as:



professional experience

By sharing space in the ceramics studio with other ceramicists our students begin to create a professional network with other potters. Students have the ability to create both functional pieces such as pots and plates as well as create clay art and students in the past have had opportunities to sell their work in craft shows on and off campus.

We want to learn more about you and your desire to become an inspiring ceramicist. Our faculty are here to meet with you and help direct your learning and studio practice to become aligned with your deepest passions and calling. To learn more about us feel free to reach out to any of our amazing faculty!

Nick Roudebush,  MFA

Nick Roudebush, MFA