Between our two on campus facilities we house our 16 majors and provide access to quality equipment from printers to throwing wheels.

Center Hall

Center Hall hosts all of the Foundations courses with brand new drawing classrooms and full access to the sculpture gym for three dimensional design. Beyond the average classroom we have a variety of workspace including the Figure Drawing Studio and the Nature Lab where students can learn to draw from 3D figures. We are very proud of the spaces and hardware our students have access to on a regular basis.



If you would like space to work privately, we have personal studios you may check out for the year. You can hang up your work and lay out your drying canvases. Center Hall houses 40 studio spaces set aside for our studentsa privilege normally only graduate art programs can provide. 


Sculpture Gym

If you are a fine arts student who feels more in touch with the hands-on 3-D approach to creating, check out this unique innovative space in Center Hall. Our Sculpture Gym has everything from welding materials to sandblasters to make sure that you have the materials you need to see your artistic vision come to life. If you are looking for strange and unusual materials to use in your art, you are bound to encounter something of use in this space.


3-d Design STUDIOS

If you are taking a sculpture class or two dimensional design courses you may find yourself in our 3-D design classroom which we couple with our Sculpture Gym for in-class learning. The classroom connects to our woodshed and has plenty of room for working at any scale.


painting studioS

You will find yourself in one of our two painting studios if you take any or representational or abstract painting classes. In this space students have the ability to set up their easels and palettes for work on long-term projects and painting from life.

Screenprinting STUDIO

One of the great assets our students have access to is a screen printing workshop run by one of our alumni. Learn how to transfer photographs or designs onto paper or fabric for use in projects. Students have used this for enhancing their photography projects, printmaking work, or creating t-shirts for branding projects.



Printmaking STUDIO

Our printmaking studio gives the chance for students to learn additional methods of mark-making and creating. With access to several types of presses, students have the ability to work in both relief or intaglio printing techniques.


Stained glass STUDiO

If you are interested in stained glass, we have a stained glass studio where students have the chance to design stained glass in a space with the tools designed to complete a finished work.

Nature lab

Come spend some time getting inspiration or drawing from life. With stuffed tigers, birds, and cheetahs, and more, students have the ability to practice anatomically accurate drawing of creatures. There are also shelves of objects for creating still-life drawings or paintings. Take a seat and draw, sketch, or just think.




There is almost always something going on in our drawing room. Whether it is an elaborate still life setup, a full class of students drawing, or a figure drawing session, there is sure to be something to get inspired by. Students can draw from one of our drawing benches while being instructed by amazing professors.



Students entering into art education can experience and learn from the setting of a classroom with our setup similar to a real school. Before beginning student teaching, students will have experience leading art projects in a class environment.