Art Education

Whether done consciously or not, art informs everything we do. With this knowledge we know the importance of education and what it means to be a prepared educator in the art world as well as the general realm of education. 

As a Visual Arts Education major you will be instructed beyond what is required by state and national standards through interactive classroom environments. Your classes will be split between art technique and Indiana Wesleyan’s highly-rated education program. Through empathy and strategy you will learn the skills that are necessary to enlighten and inspire future generations about the importance of art in all areas of life.

Program Offerings
Bachelor of Art in Art Education


The cycle of education continues to need individuals gifted to inspire! With the continuous need for educators, schools need creative minds who desire to pass on the love for creating good. Visual Arts Education majors are prepared through studying, classroom experience, and student teaching for careers such as:

Elementary Art Educator
Middle School Educator
High School Art Educator

professional experience

With our University in a location near many local schools, aspiring teachers will get professional experience through class observations and student teaching during their last semester before graduation. Along with exposure to specific ways of teaching art, students will gain an understanding of teaching in a broader sense and by participating in classes with other education majors will begin to understanding how teachers throughout a school have specific focuses.

We want to learn more about you and your desire to become an excellent art educator. Our faculty are here to meet with you and help direct your learning and teaching practice to become aligned with your deepest passions and calling. To learn more about us feel free to reach out to any of our amazing faculty!

Rod Crossman,  MFA

Rod Crossman, MFA

Jackie Carpenter,  BA

Jackie Carpenter, BA